Accelerating the transition to a gas-free future


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Making sustainable choices shouldn’t result in sacrificing important things in our lives. They should add to it. With this mindset, Quatt is rapidly installing their clever, affordable and beautifully designed heat pumps into as many homes as possible. Accelerating the transition to a gas-free future with products people love. A strong mission that guides everything Quatt does. To add to its mission, we renewed the Quatt brand from strategy to visual identity and brand voice. Quatt is now ready to scale up its business with the sky as its limit. Breathing new life into a traditionally technical market, and leaving its mark for years to come.

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  • Otto Treffers
    Anna van den Bijgaart
    Ruben Staps
    Gökhan Kaman
    Anton Chertkov
    Dave de Geus
  • Marijn Flipse
    Frank Abrahams
  • Brand strategy
    Brand identity
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