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Mr. Koreander

  • Brand identity
    Digital design

ChatGPT ain’t got nothing on Mr. Koreander. Because if there’s one thing this creative communication agency has, it’s personality. Over the past years Mr. Koreander evolved from a content creator to a more strategic partner for brands. So the time came to evolve its own brand accordingly.

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  • Otto Treffers
    Eric Pronk
    Gökhan Kaman
    Roy in het Veld
    Ruben Staps
    Ashley Dekkers
    Rogier Knoops

    Anton Chertkov
    Lennart Bruger
    Wouter van Faassen
Mr. Koreander
  • Tobias van Geijn
    Djoelia van der Velde
    Manon Miltenburg
    Dave de Geus
  • Brand identity
    Brand guidelines
    Digital design
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