Clean Inside Out Carwash


  • Strategy
    Tone and voice
    Brand identity

Is washing your car only about having a shiny vehicle? Or is there more to it? Claro is a brand new carwash brand. Planning to reshape the carwash industry with hospitality at the core. Unlike many other carwashes, it believes a clean car is all about feeling great. ‘Clean from the inside out.’ With this principle as a base, a new name, brand strategy, visual identity and brand voice was created. Making Claro ready to become the biggest and most lovable carwash brand in Europe. Rebranding one existing carwash at a time.

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  • Anna van den Bijgaart
    Ashley Deckers
    Björn van Ginkel
    Gökhan Kaman
    Jasper Tempel
    Rein van Strien
    Rogier Knoops
    Wouter van Faassen
  • Hein Castelijns
    Jonas Hamann

    and the Carwash Location Managers
  • Strategy
    Tone and voice
    Brand identity
  • Mori by PangramPangram