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  • Strategy
    Visual identity
    Website design
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    Design system

Deals, discounts and markdowns often carry a negative connotation. A low price for a product can be perceived as being too good to be true; the quality of the product must be low as well. With iBOOD we've set out to change that. iBOOD is the biggest deal platform of The Netherlands. Created around the premise of having great deals with the best products. Surprising people everyday. Together with iBOOD we created their new positioning, strategy and visual identity and fully redesigned the experience of the app and platform. Creating a high quality brand & design system that scales towards iBOOD’s big ambitions.

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  • Wouter van Faassen
    Jocelyn van Alphen
    Maaike Kessels
    Floris de Wit
    Quincy Gilds
    Luuk Kuipers
    Jasper Tempel
    Remi Grootscholte
    Vincent Koopmans
  • Jöran Prinssen
    Lukas Jorissen
    Rogier van Egmond
  • Strategy
    Visual identity
    Digital design
    Design system
  • Stabil Grotesk by Kometa